Invited Speakers

This year’s symposium will feature several prominent speakers who will present on pertinent industry topics, including HMI Standards, Cybersecurity, and Automation career ladder development. In addition to our keynote, invited, guest and technical speakers, this year’s symposium will feature a forum/workshop session to openly discuss asset management and other automation topics.

ISA 101: Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems
Greg Lehmann will deliver a talk about the importance of standardization for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) in process automation industries. This presentation will describe the call for the new ISA HMI Standard, provides a detailed chronicle of its journey from charter to ANSI approval, and its ongoing activities.  – view abstract

Applying the Automation Competency Model
Dean Ford will provide information on the model’s development and current work going on to apply the model in industry.  ISA, the Automation Federation, and several other professional and industry organizations have been developing a skills model to fully develop the Automation Profession.  Applying this model can be very beneficial to workforce development challenges within organizations. Methods of implementing it at your organization will also be discussed with practical steps you can take to being your own implementation personally, professionally and organizationally.  – view abstract

About the Speakers:


Greg Lehmann, WWAC2016 Invited Speaker

Greg Lehmann is a Process Automation Technical Manager with 30+ years of experience in engineering, design, construction supervision, start-up, and commissioning of various process equipment, instrumentation, and control systems used in oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, food & beverage, and water treatment facilities. Employed by AECOM, Greg is currently assigned to the AECOM Denver, Colorado Oil & Gas office and is Co-Chair of the ISA-101 Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems standard committee.






Dean Ford, WWAC2016 Invited Speaker

Dean Ford’s entire 20+ year career has involved industrial automation.  He is a Certified Automation Professional®, licensed Control Systems Engineer (CSE PE) and promotes manufacturing and automation to government and the public.  He is an active Senior Member in the International Society of Automation (ISA), and many Standards Committees.  He serves on the Government Relations and Workforce Development committee for the Automation Federation.  As an advocate for the automation profession, Dean regularly travels to Washington, DC to educate policymakers and the public of the importance of the manufacturing and automation.

Dean is currently making our Water Supply and Water Treatment systems more robust and safe by serving the outstanding professionals of Westin Engineering as Executive Vice President.