More photos from the 2015 Tour of Disney’s Harvest Power Energy Garden

We have received several requests for more photos from the tour of the Harvest Power Energy Garden at Walt Disney World. This tour was offered in conjunction with the 2015 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium.  Here are some more photos:

WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7264 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7266 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7263 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7262 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7260 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7259 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7258 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7257 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_0510 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_0509 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_0508 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_0506 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_0505 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_0504 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_20150804_150946080_HDR WWAC2015-tour_IMG_20150804_150933227 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7273 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7272 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7269 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7268 WWAC2015-tour_IMG_7267 WWAC2015_tour-photo_3 WWAC2015_tour-photo_2 WWAC2015_tour-photo_1 WWAC2015_tour-photo_8 WWAC2015_tour-photo_7  WWAC2015_tour-photo_5

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