Welcome from one of our sponsors: Gray Matter Systems

Gray Matter Systems is pleased to be a sponsor of the 2012 ISA Water/Wastewater Symposium.

Gray Matter Systems provides solutions for monitoring, controlling and optimizing assets so you can discover problems, make informed decisions, and take action to deliver significantly better outcomes. Visit our webiste at www.graymattersystems.com

For over 20 years, Gray Matter Systems has delivered data management, operations supervision, and process automation solution to manufacturers, utilities, oil and gas companies, and water/wastewater management systems in North America.

 Gray Matter Systems is committed to providing hardware and software solutions, training, consulting, and domain expertise — giving industries the power to identify problems, reduce risk, and take action to deliver significantly better outcomes.

 Simply put, we help you control and better answer these questions regarding your assets:

  •  Can I control and visually monitor and react to problems? Monitor and control all of your important equipment before anything goes wrong.
  •  What happened? Create a history of relevant data, alerts, alarms and events.
  •  Why did it happen? Provide the analysis to get to the root cause of your issues.
  •  Can I make things better? Predict, optimize and make things better.

Gray Matter Systems provides the right amount of service for your application, the correct applied solutions, and the post-project support plan to make your projects successful. 

“If you are looking to standardize workflow with real-time data and mistake-proof your manufacturing environment, I would recommend partnering up Gray Matter Systems. It’s not just the software – their team understands the process.” – John Angelilli, MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Zidian Food Group  


 Gray Matter Systems invites you to participate in this year’s ISA water/wastewater symposium!

About GrahamNasby

Graham Nasby, P.Eng., PMP, CAP is a project manager and automation engineer who lives in Guelph, Ontario Canada where he is the Water SCADA & Security Specialist for the City of Guelph Waterworks. Graham was the chair of the 2012 and 2013 ISA water/wastewater symposiums, and is currently the editor of the ISA Water/Wastewater newsletter. He can be contacted at www.grahamnasby.com