Photos from the 2012 ISA Division Awards Luncheon – Symposium Award Winners

On Sept 25, 2012 ISA division leaders gathered in Orlando for the annual ISA Divisions Awards Luncheon. At the Luncheon, which was held in Orlando, Florida in conjunction with ISA Automation Week awards were given out for the 2012 WWAC Symposium and for the ISA Water/Wastewater Division.

Awards given out for for the 2012 WWAC symposium included the Best Paper, Best Presentation and Best Poster Plaques Awards winners were on hand to accept their awards in person while General Symposium Chair announced the winners to everyone in the room. Program Chair Joe Provenzano and WWID Honors & Awards Chair Michael Fedenyszen were also on hand to help give out the awards.

Included below are several photos from the luncheon:

Members of the Symposium Planning Committee – Joe Provenzano (Program Committee Chair), Rodney Jones (ISA Staff), Jon DiPietro (WWID Division Director), Graham Nasby (2012 Symposium Chair)

Division Luncheon Sign from ISA Automation Week at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida, USA

Photo from the Division Awards Luncheon. Right to left: Jake Jackson, Frank White, Barbara White, Michael Fedenyszen Our WWID Honors and Awards Chair Michael Fedenyszen, preparing to give out the WWID division awards.
Norman Anderson from CH2MHILL receiving 1st prize for best poster at the symposium. His poster was titled “Planning and Designing SCADA Systems for Wastewater Collection Optimization” Mike Sutton receiving the award on behalf on Don Dickinson, Phoenix Contact, for 2nd prize for Best Paper at the symposium. Mr. Dickinson’s paper was titled “Securing Critical Control Systems in the Water Sector – Where do I begin?”
Pavol Segedy from Brown and Caldwell receiving 2nd prize for best presentation at the symposium for his talked entitled “Mobile Devices for SCADA Integration and Beyond” Travis Crane from the Jacksonville Energy Authority receiving the Honorable Mention award for the paper he co-authored with David Wilcoxson, MHW Americas, on optimization of wastewater lift stations.
Vince Eck receiving an award on behalf of Grant Van Hemert, Schneider Electric. Grant won the 3rd prize for best presentation for his talk “So you have SCADA, What’s next?” Michael Waddell from CDM Smith receiving 3rd prize for his paper he co-authored with Isabel Szendrey from the Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority (PRASA). Their paper was titled “Development of an Integrated Business Solution with Telemetry and GIS”
Graham Nasby receiving an award on behalf of Steve Valdez from GE. Steve won the 2012 ISA Water/Wastewater Division “Member of the Year” award. Long-time WWID members Michael Fedenyszen and Joe Provenzano attended the ISA Division Awards Luncheon.
Bryan Sinker receiving an award on behalf of Blair Sooley form Trihedral Engineering. Blair’s presentation “Asset Tracking and Revision Control for Automated Water/Wastewater Control Systems” won the Honorable Mention prize for Best Presentatoin. Norman Anderson receiving the 1st prize for best paper award on behalf of Creig Wilson and Jared Thorpe from CH2MHILL. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Thorpe won the best paper award for their manuscript titled “High Fidelity Extended Period Dynamic Simulation in Development and Testing of Control Systems for Water Treatment and Distribution Facilities”
WWID Leaders with the ISA award for annual Most Improved ISA Technical Division in 2012. In the photo are Pavol Segedy (WWID Division-ISA Section Liaison), Jon DiPietro (WWID Division Director), Graham Nasby (2012 Symposium Chair), Joe Provenzano (2012 Symposium Program Chair) Jon DiPietro and Graham Nasby with the ISA Award for Honorable Mention for 2012 Most Outstanding Technical Division.
Jon DiPietro receiving the 2102 WWID Division Leadership Award. Graham Nasby receiving the 2012 WWID Member of the Year award on behalf of Tom Delaura, Eramosa Engineering.

Please just us in congratulating all of our 2012 WWAC Symposium and 2012 WWID Division Award Winners!

About GrahamNasby

Graham Nasby, P.Eng., PMP, CAP is a project manager and automation engineer who lives in Guelph, Ontario Canada where he is the Water SCADA & Security Specialist for the City of Guelph Waterworks. Graham was the chair of the 2012 and 2013 ISA water/wastewater symposiums, and is currently the editor of the ISA Water/Wastewater newsletter. He can be contacted at