2014 WWAC Symposium: Thinking of coming? There is still time to register

WWAC2014_program-booklet_front-pageThere is one week to go until the symposium and there is still time to register for this year’s 2014 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium and the optional short courses.

To register, simply visit our online registration page or call ISA Customer Service directly at 1-919-549-8411.

About Kevin Patel

2016 Water/Wastewater Industry Division Director ---- Kevin Patel, PE, MBA is an automation engineer and partner at Signature Automation, which is an automation engineering firm that focuses on system integration, data visualization, and SCADA planning. Signature Automation's core market is within water and wastewater. Contact Kevin Patel at: knpatel@sig-auto.com.